House Resolution 798 and The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program.










On March 30, 2017, the House passed House Resolution 798. The purpose of this resolution is to create a committee tasked with studying the conditions, needs, and issues surrounding Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program in order to determine its effectiveness. I serve as chairperson of this committee.

“What is the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program?”

The LIHTC program was established to incentivize and encourage developers and investors to create affordable housing. Developers receive federal income tax credits under this program and sell the rights to the credits to investors.

The committee and I want to ensure that this program is running efficiently. We will look into how many housing units are actually being created, how cost effective the housing projects are, how the program is making use of tax payers resources, etc. The LIHTC program has a large budget, so the committee wants to make sure funds are being used in the best possible way.

I Want To Hear Your Feedback! 

With the new legislative session being right around the corner, I want to know what’s on the minds of the voter.

What do you want to see accomplished in District 109? What are your questions and concerns? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated and will help me serve you best. I look forward to hearing from you!