Recovering from Hurricane Irma and Improvements in Education.

Hurricane Irma: Citizens and States come together

I hope everyone in District 109 is doing well and recovering from Hurricane Irma. It was more than a trying time for us, and most of all for the evacuees in search of refuge in our state. It was encouraging to see our state working together in that time of crisis.

I applaud the deputies, city employees, power linemen, hospital workers, helpful citizens, and everyone else who was instrumental in responding to the storm and its victims. Read this update from Sheriff Eric Levett about Rockdale’s experience with Hurricane Irma: Rockdale comes together to weather the storm

McDonough’s Union Grove HS beats national average on ACT

I was proud to learn that the Henry County Schools district is reaching new academic heights. We’ve scored 19.8 in the GA district category, 21.4 in the state, and 21 in the U.S. State Superintendent Richard Woods attributes this success to reducing the number of state-mandated tests and, of course, to the dedication of students and educators. To learn more about Henry County’s academic success, read this article: McDonough’s Union Grove HS beats national average on ACT

I Want To Hear Your Feedback.

With the new legislative session being right around the corner, I want to know what’s on the minds of the voter.

What do you want to see accomplished in District 109? What are your questions and concerns? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated and will help me serve you best. I look forward to hearing from you!